We make it easy to look good.

Our Uniform Rental Division supplies uniforms, jackets, pants, and dust control items for your daily working needs. Outfit your staff with quality, high-performance garments while letting Swiss take care of the maintenance, repair and replacement of your company’s wardrobe! Swiss will even custom fit your employees on-site at your convenience.

You can choose to request a quote from Swiss Uniform Services at any time.

We rent and clean uniform apparel and materials such as:

  • Industrial/manufacturing
  • Bio-hazard
  • Lab coats and medical scrubs
  • Food Service (chef coats and hats), butcher frocks, aprons
  • Towels and bed pads
  • Entrance and floor mats

In Your Image

Our team works hard at keeping your image as good as can be. We can put you in shirts that have your logo embroidered or silk-screened. These can be oxford shirts, denim shirts, polo shirts, and even t-shirts. We also offer uniforms specifically designed for automotive dealerships such as Honda, Ford, GM and others. Visit our Garment Decoration page to learn more.

How Uniform Rental Works for You

  • Uniforms are individually fit to each employee
  • You can count on routine pick up and delivery of clean, well-maintained garments
  • We launder, inspect, repair and replace uniforms as needed
  • Unique color-coded stickers keep you informed
  • Specialized Repair Request tags

Swiss Quality, Guaranteed

Any concerns with your rental service will be remedied within 21 days, or you can cancel your service with a full month’s refund.