Floor Mat Service

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Your floors can say so much about your business – from how clean your space is to how much you care about the safety of your employees and customers. Make sure yours says only the right things with top-notch floor mat service from Swiss Uniforms!

Get the Best Floor Mat Service in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island from Swiss Uniforms!

Swiss Uniforms offers you the most convenient way to secure your floor care supply needs. Our floor mat service ensures:

High-Quality Floor Mats Suitable for Different Areas of Your Business

We offer heavy-duty, durable floor mats with excellent dirt trapping capacity and high resistance to stains that will withstand intense and repeated mat laundering. Our floor mats are available in a selection of sizes and colors to best suit your aesthetic needs.

Reliable Backing for Superior Traction

All our floor mats come with 90-mil nitrile rubber backing for superior traction. They have even been certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)!

Exceptional Mat Maintenance

Swiss Uniforms uses an innovative mat maintenance system that ensures the quality and cleanliness of each of your floor mats. No matter how heavily-soiled your floor mats are, Swiss Uniforms makes sure they arrive at your doorsteps as good as new.

We’ve Got Your Floors Covered

Swiss Uniforms is more than just the best choice for commercial uniform service in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Our company also specializes in helping you meet your floor matting essentials. No more rushing to wash your floor mats, no more wasting time following up on your mat deliveries or worrying about quality. Swiss Uniforms ensures your mats are always clean, your invoices are always transparent, and your needs are always met.

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