Hand Soap and Sanitizer

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Businesses are only as successful as the staff and customers that make them run. It’s crucial to ensure that both are always equipped with the tools that keep them safe and healthy. Swiss Uniforms provides hand soap and sanitizer as the perfect line of defense against harmful elements that often appear in different businesses.

Industrial Hand Cleanser

Why settle for the bare minimum in sanitary practices? Swiss industrial hand cleansers are strong enough to remove grease and grime but gentle enough that your skin isn’t irritated even after repeated use.

Simple Solutions, Powerful Results

Best sanitary practices are constantly evolving alongside medical literature. However, hand washing remains the single most effective method of preventing disease. That’s why we focus so much effort on producing high-quality soaps and sanitizers. They are the perfect complement to the host of other products we develop to fight the contaminants businesses face daily. Protect your employees with the tools they need to perform optimally.

Wonderful Smells

Hand soap and sanitizer go beyond sanitation. Products that leave a strong odor are never pleasant to use and may even dissuade people from doing so. Our products ensure not only that user hands are clean of bacteria and other microorganisms, but they also create a fragrant aroma that reinforces that every hand is as clean as it smells.

Protect Your Business with Help from Swiss Uniforms

We provide reliable hand soap and sanitizer for your facility’s general cleanliness needs, and we also provide personalized service backed by over a century of experience. Swiss defends your staff and customers with a level of care unmatched by any other brand. Show that you care in ways they notice with industry-leading hand-cleaning accessories.

Contact Swiss Uniforms Today!

Call us at 860-872-0166 to start your service. You may also reach out to us here to learn more about the steps we take to uphold strict cleanliness standards.

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