Shop Towels

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Automotive shops can be very messy, and mechanics need reliable tools to deal with those messes. The right shop towels can keep things from getting out of hand. However, few providers in New England can meet the needs of shops in the area. There’s one provider with over a century of experience that you can rely on:

Swiss Uniform Services Has the Reliable Shop Towels You’re Looking For!

Swiss Uniform Services is proud to provide shop towels for businesses in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. We provide reliable products at competitive rates that are:


Our towels use high-quality material that keeps them useful for long periods. They effectively combat oil and grease while retaining their quality over time. Each towel can withstand heavy usage and has been tested for its ability to last under pressure.


If your shop deals with a lot of liquid, you need towels that can handle it. Swiss Uniform Services towels are highly absorbent. They’ll sop up spills quickly, keeping your shop clean and safe.


Swiss Uniform Services shop towels can be used for a variety of tasks. From general cleaning to polishing, these towels can handle it all. They’re a versatile tool that every shop should have on hand.


Our shop towels are always clean and well-maintained. We launder them using high-quality detergents and sanitize them to ensure they’re ready for use. Our laundry service ensures our shop towels are clean and that you have what you need upon every delivery. Swiss Uniform Services is dedicated to providing you with the best products possible.

Get High-Quality Shop Towels from Swiss Today!

Swiss Uniform Services is the reliable shop towel partner that your business needs. Contact us today by calling 1-860-872-0166 and a customer service representative will walk you through your options. Interested in a free quote or our other products and services? Fill out this form!