Dust Control

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Dust is a common concern for businesses in a variety of industries. It can cause allergy flare-ups, floor damage, and even slip-and-fall accidents. That’s why it’s important to have proper dust control products and management procedures. Businesses in New England have no shortage of options when it comes to dust control services. However, there’s only one reliable provider that will meet their needs where they are:

Find the Dust Control Solutions You Need from Swiss Uniform Services!

Swiss Uniform Services has served Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island businesses for over 100 years! We are a leading provider of dust control products to help maintain facilities in many different fields. We offer:

Floor Mats

Our floor mats have a 90-mil nitrile rubber backing that offers top-notch traction. They hold their ground against heavy traffic and are comfortable to stand on for long periods. Our mat products are so reliable that they have been certified as slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI)!

Floor Mops

Swiss Uniform Services offers floor mops to help clean up areas of the floor that our mats don’t cover. Each wet mop offers anti-microbial protection that prevents water, dirt, and mildew buildup. Our dry mops have a synthetic/cotton blend that is tightly twisted to stop fraying and snagging. Both are highly durable and hold up to repeated use.


We offer specialized towels for a variety of businesses. Our ribbed bar towels are perfect for kitchen settings where they reliably clean messes and remain usable for long periods. Our shop towels are highly absorbent and durable, designed to deal with oil and grease in industrial and mechanical environments. We also offer comfortable plush hand towels that help dry hands without scratching them.

Fender Covers

Swiss Uniform Services works closely with autobody shops and provides the tools they need to excel. This includes fender covers that protect cars from not only dust but also spills, dirt, and scratches.

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