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Work never stops just because the weather is bad. Your employees need the right equipment to deal with changing conditions outside. That means providing them with the right outerwear from an industry expert like Swiss Uniform Services!

Swiss Uniforms Has the Best Outerwear in CT, MA, and RI

Swiss specializes in uniform supply and maintenance. We have the product selection and the garment care expertise that your business needs:

Excellent Quality Outerwear for a Variety of Industries

Swiss offers a wide range of outerwear suitable for use in different businesses across a range of industries. We closely scrutinize each uniform to make sure they meet your needs for quality, functionality, and appearance. We also offer various customization options to bring out the best in your brand aesthetics.

Durable Material to Match Your Industrial Needs

We have crafted our outerwear selections to withstand the heaviest demands of industrial work. They feature high resistance to permanent staining and wear and tear from repeated use and laundering.

Superior Uniform Laundry and Care

Swiss provides the best care for your most important uniforms. We have a team of garment care experts who work tirelessly to bring out the best in your uniforms, coupled with a modern laundry facility that ensures efficient processing and inventory management.

Try Swiss Uniform Service Today!

Swiss Uniforms has been in the uniforms business since 1913. Our more than 100 years in the industry have helped us evolve into the experts in excellence that we are today. That means excellent products and even better uniform care for even your most worn and torn items. We guarantee on-time deliveries and pickups so there are zero interruptions to your operations and you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Learn more about our services today or sign up for industrial outerwear rental service by calling us at 1-860-872-0166 or visiting our website here for more information.