Towels and Restroom Supplies

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On the lookout for quality towels and restroom supplies? You need industry-leading products that are far superior to store-bought goods. That’s where we come in.

Get the Best Towels and Restroom Supplies from Swiss Uniform Services in the Industry

Swiss Uniform Services has the towels and restroom supplies your business needs to succeed! Our products are unique in a crowded field of competition for a variety of reasons. Here is what we have to offer and why it stands out. 

Reusable Towels

Sustainability has been key to Swiss Uniform Services’ success over the past century. We make durable, reusable hand towels and maintain them ourselves in our state-of-the-art commercial laundry facilities. 

Our ribbed bar towels are absorbent and come with a strong weave that is ideal for kitchens, bars, and restaurants. We provide sturdy shop towels that stand up to the toughest oil and grease. Our plush hand towels are soft and luxurious, perfect for keeping hands dry without scratching the skin.

Disposable Towels

While reusables have their benefits, such as durability, disposables are far cheaper and easier to manage in a variety of situations. However, Swiss Uniform Services designs its high-capacity paper towels to be nearly as absorbent and durable as our reusable stock. 

Facility Service

Swiss Uniform Service understands the importance of maintaining bathroom cleanliness for guests and staff. Our toilet paper is just as absorbent and durable as our high-quality paper towels. We provide hand soap and sanitizer capable of effectively and comfortably eliminating bacteria and removing grease and grime from the skin. Our wall mount air fresheners come in a variety of smells that completely replace foul odors.

Our facility service isn’t limited to the bathroom. We also provide Barricade Wet Mops and Infinity Twist Dry Dust Mops for floor maintenance. This significantly reduces the risk of slip-and-fall injuries, saving you and the people in your building from unnecessary trouble. 

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Swiss Uniform Service is the best choice for high-quality towels and restroom supplies. Call us at (860) 872-0166 or contact us here for more information on our products and services.