How RFID Technology Solves Uniform Problems

How RFID Technology Solves Common Linen and Uniform Problems

Every uniform serves a unique function that depends on the item in question, the business, the user, and more. However, there are many common uniform problems that each product shares, and there are only a few good solutions. Uniform suppliers solve these problems with RFID technology, a means of closely monitoring every product and effectively managing them.

Here’s What RFID Technology Brings to the Uniform Industry

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. They are small chips sewn on every uniform that emit an electromagnetic wave that can be scanned and tracked by reader devices. RFID is popular in many different industries but for the uniform industry, this technology provides very specific and useful benefits. This includes:

Better, More Personalized Maintenance

Beyond appearance and functionality, there are significant differences between floor mats, jackets, shirts, and work pants. Every uniform goes through unique wear and tear, meaning that they all require personalized maintenance. RFID technology helps keep track of individual items and makes sorting them easier and more efficient. This way, uniforms are more easily separated and attended to based on their specific laundry and repair needs.

No More Missing Uniforms

One of the most common uniform problems is missing garments. This problem extends to uniforms in automotive, industrial, food service, and many more industries across the globe. RFID technology is used to sort and account for every item that is cleaned in our facility. Swiss Uniforms provides a weekly Scan In/Scan Out report for full accountability and transparency.  Our special RFID Smart Tags significantly reduce uniform loss and save our clients a great deal of money and trouble.

Swiss Uniform Services Solves Common Uniform Problems

Swiss Uniform Services brings our RFID Smart Tags to the table along with other, tried and true solutions to common problems. We are a fourth-generation, family-owned service that has provided local service to New England businesses since 1913. We operate out of Rockville, Connecticut and serve the rest of the state as well as Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The communities we serve are our neighbors, colleagues, and friends and we treat them as such every step of the way. Working with us means transparent, honest communication with straightforward billing and a direct line to decision-makers. Our team is committed to helping with any questions or concerns!

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