Restaurant Apparel Service Improves Business

Restaurant Apparel Service Improves Business

In today’s highly competitive restaurant industry, getting ahead of the competition is no longer just about appealing to tastebuds. Visual branding, particularly on social media, has drastically changed the game and you have to keep up. That means that the quality of your apparel is now more important than ever. However, keeping up with the demands of managing a restaurant means never having enough time and resources to manage your apparel supplies. That’s where restaurant apparel service improves business.

All the Ways Restaurant Apparel Service Improves Business

Restaurant apparel service is more than just the easiest way to get your supplies cleaned. It can help improve your business in a variety of ways, including:

Reducing the Risk of Apparel Shortages

One of the most obvious benefits of working with a service provider is the ease of securing your supplies. Even in unexpected situations, the right service provider can cover your biggest apparel needs.

Ensuring Cleaner, Higher-Quality Apparel

Restaurant apparel service also ensures better-quality products. Thanks to better laundry equipment and more advanced laundry techniques, the right service provider can consistently and conveniently keep your supply in top-notch condition.

Lowering the Cost of Apparel Management

Consolidating garment quality requirements and volume demands is a major budgeting challenge. There is always the risk of compromising one requirement over another. Then, there is the issue of maintenance costs. Restaurant apparel service can help you solve all that! Rental service lets you acquire high-quality garments without the ridiculously high upfront cost of purchasing them. It also lets you do away with the expense of regular apparel maintenance. You don’t need to buy equipment or hire managers and employees to keep your restaurant garments clean.

Swiss Uniforms Restaurant Apparel Service Improves Business

It goes without saying, of course, that not all restaurant apparel service providers can bring you all the aforementioned benefits. You’ll need the assurance of expertise, industry experience, and a track record that proves complete reliability. You’ll need the kind of service that Swiss Uniform Services can offer!

We are a family-owned and -operated industry expert servicing restaurants in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island since 1913. We offer:

  • Superior Product Selections. We have carefully selected our restaurant apparel for its visual appeal and structural integrity.
  • Expert Garment Maintenance. We have a proven track record in expert garment care. Our maintenance service leaves you with nothing to worry about.
  • Reliable Delivery Service. Swiss Uniform Services gives you the assurance of on-time, accurate deliveries. You can focus on providing your diners with delicious food without worrying about the availability or quality of your supplies.
  • Restaurant Cleanliness Products. On top of apparel designed specifically for restaurant employees, we offer a wide variety of janitorial and facility cleaning products. Our entrance mats keep the outside from entering your restaurant while our comfort flow mats are perfect for employees who spend long hours on their feet. Our restroom supplies ensure cleanliness in an area that most diners don’t often associate it with. We also ensure an optimal smell for your guests throughout your facility with our high-quality air fresheners.
  • First Aid Supplies. Accidents happen in even the safest environments which is why every restaurant needs the right first aid supplies. Swiss Uniforms offers the tools your business needs to ensure that your employees and guests are always well-protected and, in the event of an emergency, well taken care of. 

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