Top 5 Issues in the Linen and Uniform Industry

Top 5 Issues in the Linen and Uniform Industry

Many businesses in very different industries need linen and uniforms to operate efficiently and safely. Despite the unique needs of each industry, there are many common concerns that every business faces when signing up for linen and uniform service. Here are the top 5 issues in the linen and uniform industry.

1. Garment Shortages

Every linen and uniform provider obtains their products from their own, unique sources. Some are far more reliable than others and many providers don’t take extra inventory management precautions. This often leads to garment shortages which, at best, are inconvenient and make the business look and perform less professionally. At worst, industrial and lab workers don’t have the protection they need from heavy machinery and dangerous chemicals respectively.

2. Poor Communication

Many linen and uniform providers are massive, national or even international corporations with hundreds to thousands of employees. Oftentimes, the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing or saying which leads to miscommunication. It also means that there is significantly more red tape for customers to cut through to speak with someone who can help them. These larger businesses don’t need to worry about losing customers since they have so many. This means that they don’t have much urgency to respond to and meet client needs.

3. Confusing Contracts

If there’s anything that should be clear between a business and their linen and uniform provider, it’s the contract. Unfortunately, many providers use vague or even contradictory terms or wording in their contracts. Sometimes this is unintentional due to a lack of foresight or understanding of the legal implications at play. However, some businesses intentionally use deceptive contracts so they can take advantage of or have more leeway with the businesses that sign them.

4. Unexpected Charges

Missing garments, poor communication, and confusing contracts all build toward something that no business likes: unexpected charges. They can come from needing to replace uniforms, size changes, set up fees, or adding new wearers to your uniform program. No matter where the charges come from, every business wants better control over their budget, and stable billing provides that.

5. Poor Garment Quality

In order to save money, some linen and uniform providers will avoid replacing worn uniforms at regular intervals. This directly affects the quality of every garment and the way your team looks when they represent your business. If the safety, happiness, and productivity of your team matter to you, choose a provider that cares.

How Swiss Uniform Services Solves Common Issues in the Linen and Uniform Industry

Swiss Uniform Services has proven to be a trustworthy provider of linen and uniforms to businesses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island for decades. Here’s how:

  1. Reliable Inventory Management. Swiss uses updated RFID technology to manage the maintenance of every single garment and to ensure our clients have what they need when they need it.
  2. Family-Owned Care. As a local, fourth-generation, family-owned business, we know and care about the communities we serve. Through us, you get a direct line to the people who can help you with no red tape. We offer our clients the personal attention that only a family business can provide.
  3. Simple, Helpful Solutions. We offer streamlined contracts that are straightforward and have no strings attached. You can either sign up for our rental program which has many benefits such as laundry included, or directly purchase what you need and move on with no additional effort.
  4. Straightforward Billing. We are completely transparent with our clients when it comes to billing. Everything you see on our invoices is 100% mapped out and made clear so there is no confusion or mistrust.
  5. High-Quality Garments. Swiss prides itself on using high-quality linen and uniforms for businesses that need them. We maintain each product ourselves and ensure that they are always as good as new!

Contact Swiss Uniform Services Today!

Swiss Uniform Services is the reliable partner that your business deserves. Our solutions to the most common issues in the linen and uniform industry are too beneficial to miss out on! If you operate in Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts, reach out to us today for a free quote on service. Call us at 1-860-872-0166 or fill out this form for more information on how we can help you.