What Your Floors Are Saying about Your Business

What Your Floors Are Saying about Your Business

Prospective customers can form an opinion about your brand within the first seven seconds of entering your facility. Your floors are a major part of that! In order to maximize your initial impression with prospects, it’s important to know what your floors are saying about your business.

These Are the Impressions Your Floors May Leave

Your business interior is, among other things, a reflection of your sense of style. In particular, your floors have the power to reflect your overall business ethics and brand of service. Specifically, this is what your floors are saying about your business to customers:

How You Do Things

The cleanliness of your business space, including your floors, shows more than just your level of commitment to hygiene. It also speaks of your diligence and attention to detail. This, in turn, gives your customers the impression that you will deliver their services with the same level of care and thoroughness.

How Much You Care About Your Employees and Customers

Floor quality is also a reflection of how much you care about the safety of your employees and customers. Statistics show that floors and flooring materials are responsible for over 2 million slip-and-fall injuries per year. Many of these injuries are preventable through diligent floor care and the right tools (i.e., floor mats). If your floors appear neglected or unsafe, customers get the impression that you don’t care about their safety.

Increasing Your Floor Care Efficiency with Swiss Uniforms

Now that you know what your floors are saying about your business, how do you make sure that this message is positive? Excellent floor care, of course! That’s something that Swiss Uniforms can help you with!

The specialized solutions offered by Swiss Uniforms will relieve your business from the excessive burdens of floor care! Swiss’s top-notch floor care solutions include:

  • Mat Rental Service. Our commercial floor mats come with superior 90-mil nitrate rubber backing and a high-grade surface. They have the ability to increase protection against slip-and-fall, keep your floors clean, and withstand heavy foot traffic.
  • Mop Rental Service. We have all your mopping needs covered with our mop rental service! Our Barricade Wet Mops feature anti-microbial qualities, high absorbency, and superior cleaning power against dirt, water, and mildew. We also offer Infinity Twist Dry Dust Mops that feature superior durability, thanks to their tightly twisted cotton/synthetic blend that does not snag or fray.

Give Swiss Uniforms a Call Today!

Swiss provides your mat and mop supplies with ease and efficiency, and our rental service offers maintenance solutions that ensure the quality and cleanliness of your floor care essentials. Our rental service also saves you from the high costs of direct supply purchases.

Swiss offers you the most hassle-free, most budget-friendly way to keep your floors in their best shape! Give your floor care the boost it needs today. Call Swiss Uniforms at 1-860-872-0166 or send us your inquiries here.