Uniform and Facility Services in Bridgeport, CT

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With over a century of expertise, Swiss Uniform Services is a leading source of uniform and facility services in Bridgeport, CT. Our unique blend of local presence and a family-focused approach allows us to cater to your distinct business needs seamlessly.

Uniform Service

Operating in Bridgeport, Swiss Uniform Services brings a flexible array of uniform rental and direct buy options to your business. To ensure top-notch quality, we consistently clean, inspect, and maintain our rental uniforms. Included in our uniform services are:

Custom Uniforms

With our customized uniform initiative, you have the power to select uniforms that reflect your distinctive branding and sector-specific needs. We collaborate closely with you to tailor a uniform initiative that fits your exact requirements and preferences. Our experienced team assists you in navigating through a broad range of fabrics, colors, and designs to align your workforce’s attire with your brand and their comfort.

Logo Apparel

At Swiss Uniform Services, we offer an extensive range of branded clothing for purchase. Our in-house embroidery and screen printing capabilities enable us to seamlessly incorporate your company’s logo and personalization onto any apparel or accessory. This is a golden chance to strengthen your brand image, foster a professional environment, or initiate a new promotional drive.

Industrial/Manufacturing Uniforms

We recognize the special needs of industrial and manufacturing firms. Therefore, we supply a range of certified clothing specifically designed for these sectors. Our uniforms are fabricated from sturdy materials that can endure the stresses of industrial tasks while enhancing worker safety and comfort.

Auto/Truck Repair and Dealership Uniforms

Our uniform services in Bridgeport are tailored to meet the specific requirements of automotive, truck repair, and dealership professionals. Our uniforms provide protection against spills and stains, ensuring durability and user comfort.

Mechanical Services Uniforms

We offer a diverse range of uniform solutions for companies delivering mechanical services. Our uniforms shield your personnel from work-related dangers while ensuring cleanliness and comfort.

Supermarkets and Food Production Uniforms

Swiss Uniforms’ keen eye for detail has won us the TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Safety certification. Our uniform and facility services in Bridgeport are ideal for supermarkets and food production facilities. The uniforms are constructed from robust materials that satisfy the rigorous standards of these sectors.

Facility Services

Swiss Uniform Services also provides a selection of facility services in Bridgeport. These services include:

Floor Mats

Our floor mat service is a practical, budget-friendly way to maintain clean and safe business premises. We supply an extensive range of mats, which we routinely clean and swap to ensure they stay in prime condition.

Emergency First Aid Stations

Our all-inclusive emergency first aid service guarantees that your facility is always equipped with vital supplies. We employ SureScan™ technology for speedy and accurate restocking of your first aid station.

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