Uniform and Facility Services in New Haven, CT

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Swiss Uniform Services stands out as a leading supplier of uniform and facility services in New Haven, CT. We boast over a century of industry experience and a unique, locally-grounded, family-focused approach to cater to your specific business needs.

Uniform Service

For firms in New Haven, Swiss Uniform Services provides an array of flexible uniform rental and direct purchase options. We consistently clean, steam, inspect, and care for our rental uniforms to uphold the highest quality standards. The services in our uniform portfolio include:

Custom Uniforms

Our custom uniform initiative enables business owners and managers to select uniforms that perfectly align with their individual brand and industry-specific requirements. We collaborate closely with you to craft a uniform strategy tailored to your specific needs and tastes. Our experienced team will help you navigate through a wide selection of fabrics, colors, and styles to ensure your employees’ outfits are both representative of your brand and comfortable.

Logo Apparel

Swiss Uniform Services also features an extensive range of branded apparel for purchase. Our in-house embroidery and screenprint capabilities let us seamlessly incorporate your company logo and personal touches onto any garment or accessory. It’s a fantastic way to boost your brand recognition, encourage professionalism, or initiate a fresh marketing drive.

Industrial/Manufacturing Uniforms

We comprehend the unique needs of industrial and manufacturing businesses and offer a range of certified clothing explicitly crafted for these sectors. Our uniforms are fashioned from sturdy materials that can endure the harsh demands of industrial environments, all while ensuring employee safety and comfort.

Auto/Truck Repair and Dealership Uniforms

We respond to the particular requirements of automotive, truck repair, and dealership professionals with uniforms that resist spills and stains, ensuring durability and wearer comfort.

Mechanical Services Uniforms

Swiss Uniform Services has a comprehensive range of uniform options for businesses that offer mechanical services. Our uniforms protect your team from workplace hazards while keeping them clean and comfortable.

Supermarkets and Food Production Uniforms

Renowned for our attention to detail, Swiss Uniform Services boasts the TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Safety certification. We offer uniform and facility services in New Haven that surpass the expectations of supermarkets and food production facilities. Our uniforms are constructed from resilient materials that fulfill the rigorous requirements of these sectors.

Facility Services

Swiss Uniform Services also extends a host of facility services in New Haven. Our service suite includes:

Floor Mats

Our floor mat service is a practical, cost-effective solution for a safe and tidy business environment. We offer a range of mats that we routinely clean and replace, ensuring they stay in excellent condition.

Emergency First Aid Stations

Our inclusive emergency first aid service guarantees that your facility is always stocked with necessary supplies. We employ SureScan™ technology for fast and accurate refilling of your first aid station.

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