Uniform and Facility Services in Worcester, MA

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Swiss Uniform Services shines as a premier provider of uniform and facility services in Worcester, MA. We bring over one hundred years of experience and a unique locally-based, family-centric approach to meet your specific business requirements.

Uniform Service

For businesses in Worcester, Swiss Uniform Services offers a versatile lineup of uniform rental and direct purchase solutions. We regularly clean, steam, inspect, and upkeep our rental uniforms to maintain a standard of high quality. Our uniform services include:

Custom Uniforms

Our custom uniform program empowers business owners and managers to choose uniforms that echo their unique branding and industry-related needs. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a uniform program that suits your specific needs and preferences. Our seasoned team guides you through a vast assortment of fabrics, colors, and designs to ensure your staff’s attire is on brand and comfortable.

Logo Apparel

We also offer a wide variety of branded apparel for purchase at Swiss Uniform Services. Our in-house embroidery and screenprint expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate your company logo and personalization onto any piece of clothing or accessory. This is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand identity, promote professionalism, or kickstart a new marketing campaign.

Industrial/Manufacturing Uniforms

We understand the unique requirements of industrial and manufacturing companies. Hence, we provide a collection of certified apparel specifically designed for these sectors. Our uniforms are made from robust materials that withstand the rigors of industrial work while promoting employee safety and comfort.

Auto/Truck Repair and Dealership Uniforms

We cater to the unique needs of automotive, truck repair, and dealership professionals with uniforms that offer protection from spills and stains while ensuring durability and wearer comfort.

Mechanical Services Uniforms

Swiss Uniform Services offers a broad spectrum of uniform options for businesses providing mechanical services. Our uniforms keep your staff safe from occupational hazards while maintaining cleanliness and comfort.

Supermarkets and Food Production Uniforms

Swiss Uniforms has an eagle eye for detail which has earned us our TRSA Hygienically Clean Food Safety certification. Our uniforms and services are a cut above the rest for supermarkets and food production facilities. Our uniforms are made from durable materials that meet the stringent demands of these industries.

Facility Services

At Swiss Uniform Services, we also deliver an array of facility services in Worcester. Our offerings include:

Floor Mats

Our floor mat service is a cost-effective and practical solution for a safe and clean business facility. We provide a wide variety of mats, which we regularly clean and replace to ensure they remain in top condition.

Emergency First Aid Stations

Our comprehensive emergency first aid service ensures your facility always has essential supplies on hand. We utilize SureScan™ technology for quick and precise restocking of your first aid station.

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